How to install and configure Kubernetes Dashboard

It’s been a while since I wrote guid on setting up Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi cluster:

So, it is about time to talk about monitoring. This time we will be talking about setting up and configuring Kubernetes Dashboard.

Before we can begin, in…

How to install and use MetricsServer to get quick stats for a Kubernetes cluster

Some time ago I wrote a guide on setting up Kubernetes cluster on RaspberryPi:

After deployment, one of the first things people would like to see and monitor is cluster utilization. In this article I will…

Easy way to monitor temperature of your Kubernetes Cluster


There has been a lot of talk about Raspberry Pi 4B overheating issues. New firmware helped out with that, but wouldn’t it be nice to monitor temperature of all the nodes in our Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster? In this article I will describe how we can do that.

Cluster Setup

I wrote…

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